Little Duckies Asterism

Most folks are shocked and wowed at big things. We tend to be naturally partial to things or people with importance, authority, wealth, and fame. The little person is lost in the clutter. And, believe it or not, most folks–even among the famous–feel lonely in the heart UNTIL something happens real deep inside that says, “I love you.” Whether big or small, rich or poor, God built us to know His love. But, it stays hidden, for the most part, until we ask to know Him.

That brings me to the sketch below that includes M27, which is a beautiful and colorful object with my telescope (fitted with an astro video camera). However, what caught my eye was the an asterism in the upper right: a line of 4 little stars that are nestled “behind” a bigger star (#14 Vulp). The apparent pattern reminded me of 4 little ducks behind their mother. Children often say “duckies.” So, I named the pattern the Little Duckies Asterism. (An asterism is an apparent pattern of stars.) Most observers would not notice the asterism; they would be attracted to the big, bold, and colorful features of M27. So, lets take a look at the sketch, and I will explain why it pertains to God’s love for each one–including the little nobodies.


I happened to be viewing a widefield area or I never would have seen both the beautiful M27 and the ‘Little Duckies Asterism.” In a way, it’s like God. Nothing gets past Him. He seems to specialize on the the not-so-famous, not-so-rich, and not-so-significant people. He especially is noted for rounding up the broken-hearted and injured who turn to Him. That’s part of His nature. The good news of Jesus Christ is that it does not matter whether the person is a prostitute, tax collector, soldier, or governing official. Any one, I repeat, ANY ONE, who calls on Him will be saved and have their heart become recipients of His love. So you might see yourself as one of those four little useless stars that trail behind the big one, but it does not matter. He is not partial; He is not particularly moved by fame, fortune, or any other kind of notoriety. He loves those who love Him and call upon His name. Just like He created and named each star (before anyone thought of naming them), He looks after the heart of one who looks to Him–no matter how small, how messed up, and how seemingly unimportant.

This is very good news!

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