Just the Work of His Finger

The poetic but accurate description of the power of God’s hand is in the well-known verse Psalm 8 that is placed on the observing sheet below. The “little” barred galaxy is one of several types in the heavens. It is not realistically fathomable that all the galaxies and each of their stars are all created and placed by God. Two scriptures specifically say each star is named. Unless the power of His command seems to out-of-this-world, however, the question that follows brings it home to earth, “what is man that you are mindful of him…?

He is. He is aware of a couple sparrows, according to His own words. He named each star. There is nothing that occurs that is beyond His oversight. Yet, His love and mercy implores us but does not force us to choose: do we believe Him or not? The reality is that most do not. But those who do, who call upon His name, who reach for His peace through His grace (unmerited favor), Jesus Christ completely and without hesitation absolves us all sin and forgets it. He erases the wall that separates us from Him and sets us on a walk that only begins here and ends in eternity. That is my God. That is my explosively capable Creator.

From nothing He commanded the universe into being, the earth that we live upon, and the myriad of details of creation we see around us. Yet, He humbled himself, became like us to go before us if we would simply trust that He was born, lived, died by crucifixion, and was raised so we could be free from sin that so easily besets us.

So the little observing session in October that resulted in the sketch you see was just another opportunity to see the work of His finger. It was a good evening to give thanks.
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