How Big is God?

Some people say there is no God. Others say there are are all sorts of gods. Others say they know Him but live a life oblivious to the claim. So is He really BIG? Does He see all? Why are there so many messes and bad things if He is so BIG?

The answer is in His greatness that is beyond comprehension. He made us in His image and gave us free choice. Mankind generally chooses badly and is mired in its own way, its own arrogance, and its own sin. God is permitting it, but only for a season. In the meantime, regardless of circumstances, we can choose to call on Him or not.

If you observe the heavens, what do you see? I took an hour or so just recently to record my observation of M43, which you can see below. It is a nebula that is very near the Great Orion Nebula in the Orion Constellation. Where did the stars and objects like this one come from? What is the origin of the heavens? It is hard NOT to ask the question. The popular answer, which says it happened by itself without direction, makes no scientific sense with the given laws that we observe. God, on the other hand, says He did it. Myth? Or does most of the earth have it all wrong?


If you observe world situations and wonder about the plight of billions of human beings in abject poverty or war, how can you not help but be struck by the general condition of most of the world’s population that defies solution? Much of it is self-inflicted. How do we do such things to ourselves in economic and political terms when we are supposedly the most advanced evolved creatures on earth, that is if you seriously believe we emerged from the primoridal soup to become who we are? So great? So capable? God’s record of human history in the Bible, on the other hand, says much about who we are and why we are in the mess we are in. Can it be true?

Who cares or watches each child, like this little one?


If you observe the earth’s terrain in places, a clear reason from a biblical view is the extended effects of the Genesis Flood, where huge areas of sedimentary rock were raised, shifted, and carved by huge waters. But the signs at these places and the most common books say that the magnificent canyons, the ice age, fossil beds all came from deep time and little things that happen along the billions-of-years time line. Who is right? What happened? If you were witnessing one of these interesting places like the person in the picture below, what would be your explanation of the history that yielded the scene? The answer you provide depends on your worldview. If God’s biblical history is right, the answer is one thing. If the popular books are right, the answer and the time line are totally different. Who is right?


How big is your god, if you have one? The God of the Bible has a big picture view that makes sense of big issues. His answers are not particularly palatable, however, because He shows a broken race of human-kind in need of a serious fix. He is the One that sees the plight of each person, knows the smallest child in a starving land, oversees the rich and poor alike, knows what each one does in circumstances, and gives opportunity through every circumstance for a man or woman to choose to draw near to God or to ignore His view of things.

Can this really be true? What is your worldview? Why not make an informed choice and learn something about the biblical view that God provides before dismissing it so quickly?

For more information on the big picture and big picture questions, you can download the Creation Study from <DOWNLOADABLE COURSES>. It’s free. We don’t keep records of who gets it. It presents an introduction of the biblical “God” view but puts it alongside some of today’s popular beliefs that say He had nothing to do with the world or its beginnings or its future. We urge you to consider a Biblical worldview. It can change the way you see things. It can change a lot more.




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