Higher and Deeper, Note 2

Higher and Deeper, Note 2 Roland and Faylene March 18, 2020

The waning crescent moon was visible this morning from our kitchen window.  We grabbed the binoculars to get a closer look at the familiar yet still mysterious moon.  This is our home – our little cabin in the valley of mountains visible from every window.  This is our home – wild, wonderful
West Virginia, nestled 9 ridges over from bustling activity.   This is our home – the same American flag waving at every state house and post office.  This is our home – a big globe with the rest of the family going to sleep as we rise to see the same crescent moon before the same full sun obscures our view. 

Home is where we should feel safe and secure.  Yet, nothing today seems very safe or secure.  Questions swirl.  Today, we must look beyond our little spot on the big globe of all we can see and feel. 

When we looked for the stars last night, the clouds had covered our view, but the stars had not gone away…they are still here…still the same.  And the One who formed the universe and placed our big blue home under them is still here.  Even in the darkness and uncertainty when we can’t see, His arms are here… His presence and the whisper of His Spirit.  This morning, the mysterious crescent moon reminds us.

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  1. Our Creator never changes. The same yesterday, today, tomorrow. What a mighty God we serve. Thank you for your words of insight

  2. Our Creator never changers. The same yesterday, today, tomorrow. What a mighty God we serve. Thank you for sharing

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