He Who Speaks

The morning started with cup of coffee and hearing my wife read a little testimony titled, “Angel at Ground Zero”. I normally start the morning in prayer and make my way to the Bible, where I am continuing my umpteenth trek through the Gospels. As my wife read the testimony, I could not help but thank God for His closeness.

He speaks.

I have taught of the reality of Jesus Christ and the moving of the Holy Spirit many times, but when He is up close and personal, you never forget it. It is the destiny of believers, who walk in obedience and want to be disciples, to be guided by God. He will do it through the Word, circumstances, and by His voice in the heart.

His sheep know His voice. I know that I know that I know, yet I talk to so many who are not familiar with His voice. Regardless, He does speak. As I have grown in Him, His voice has become a beloved “sound”, even if it is a rebuke or correction. The knowledge of His Word and the guidance of the Spirit together make for life’s abundance and fruitfulness. As my wife, Faylene, and I have said to each other many times, “How can we not want to do anything He wants?” Who we are and how we got to today are all directly related to a walk with Him.

Our God is the same One who created the universe by His Word. We teach biblical creation and love to do it. It is the same God who has directed and guided believers through the centuries. It is the same one we walk with today. There is only one requirement to embark on this path: to turn from your own way to follow Him. It is how each of us began. It is how anyone must begin. Riches, blatant sin, the cares of this world, the drama of relationships, or any other tendencies that so easily beset humankind must be set aside. You must get off the throne of your life and let Him sit in that rightful place. There is not any sin and degree of damage in a person’s life from that sin that He cannot unravel and rectify over time if He is Lord of a person’s life.

With that posture and belief in a person, God saves. He does it. One cannot earn it or work for it to somehow qualify. Once born again, which is what salvation is all about, that precious human soul can walk, watch, and experience what happens. One does not have to be buried in rubble and miraculously saved to come to a reality of Christ, but sometimes those moments happen. One can simply have a quiet moment and bend the heart toward Him without reservation, and He will save.

He still speaks.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever would believe in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” (ESV)

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  1. Very well written. Once you’ve sat in the sweet presence of the Holy Spirit you hunger for more time to spend with Him…
    Oh how sweet to sit at Jesus feet…

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