Hand, Fingers, and Prayer

There is something special if a Christian talks to God from the heart. So often, however, he is treated like a responsive gift giver rather than the One who created us and gives us life. Prayer to our Lord and Savior is simple in concept but we are often weak on delivery or ask the wrong things. The “Lord’s prayer (the one given by Jesus Christ) is usually my starting place. But how do we pray from there? I recall a lesson that I learned a several decades ago and still use it to remember and guide prayer time. It’s all about a hand and fingers.

A hand uplifted and open is usually an indication of openness. For prayer, it is a reminder of our place as His children if we call on Him and know Him as our Lord. An open hand is often a symbol of surrender, and that we must have in our posture if prayer is meaningful.

hand-1The thumb is first. A hand held in most positions means the thumb faces us. We are his children. So it reminds us to humble ourselves before him as we begin talking  with him. And, it reminds us to keep that attitude as we proceed.

The index finger is next. It points. So pray for those who point the way. If they point the right way, pray for it to continue. If they point the wrong way, pray for repentance and a change in direction.

The biggest finger is next. Pray for big people. Big can mean quite a few things, but the category, in an attitude of prayer, brings up the plenty of people and things for prayer.

The last and tiniest finger (the pinky) is next. Pray for little ones, small ones, the ones least seen. That should bring many things to mind.

hand-2Then fold all your fingers under your hand on a flat surface except the third finger. You will find you cannot lift it. Pray, then, for those who cannot help themselves or those who are oppressed. That should bring many things to mind for prayer.

Last, we come back to the thumb. Remember, the hand held up means the thumb usually points to you. Pray for yourself, that you might know him, walk with him, and love others as he loves you and forgave you.  You might also pray for your needs, but use wisdom. We often don’t understand our real needs and confuse them with a lot of “want-to-haves.”

Then close your time recognizing, again, that your open hand is a symbol of a heart surrendered to him. A reminder of that posture is always helpful.

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