Graduation and Fresh Year Message

I had the opportunity to share my heart with the graduates and those moving up at the Institute of Foundational Learning in the Philippines. Many of the IFL students I count as my “sons” and “daughters”. I love them, and some of my prayers are accompanied with tears as they come to mind. I was recently praying for one in particular when I remembered this little message I gave them in March 2017. I have edited it a little bit to make it more universal, but it is here it is in PDF format. Parents or students from any school might be interested in reading it. I captured something in retrospect that I believe had the mark of His hand to me, so I thought it might be an encouragement to read by others:

2017 IFL grad message PDF

To put real names and places with the message, the first image shows some of IFL  students.

This image shows some of the celebrated students at their “ball”. The principle (Roselle) is on the far left. The IFL international director (Rev Pat Capwell) is on the bottom row on the far right. As a matter of note, it is a pleasure to work with these women and the IFL staff.


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