Galaxies to the North and the God of Creation

It was a straight forward observing night. The 8 inch Celestron and astro video gear worked as expected. The mount behaved. The first target was M106–not far from the key stars of Ursa Major or the Big Dipper. I sat down to sketch, trying to grab as much as I good of the spiral structure.


So here I was on June 9 late and the first hour of June 10, 2012: about 2/3 the way from the center of the Milky Way and observing out of its plane from a safe position in an entirely unique planet with a clear atmosphere that is breathable–containing perfect amounts of oxygen and various other things (including some critical moisture). The ribbon of protection is thinner than a pencil lead if the radius of the earth was scaled to a few inches. But, of course, it all happened by itself, so they say. With that in view, let’s run to the second object that is not too far away in angular terms. NGC 4490 is a peculiar galaxy but also has a little one beside it. I grabbed a second piece of paper and grabbed what I could, as you can see in the sketch below.

Just two galaxies were observed. They are in quite a group around Ursa Major. Other groups are out there. It just so happens the darkness and space between everything is just perfect to permit an unobscured view most of the time from most places on earth. The view, of course, for an observer is understood because the unique design of the eye and its incredibly complex connection to the brain. Of course, it’s just a chance combination of very unlikely mutations over a very long time that yield such complexity….all by itself and without direction. That is what they say.

Or is it?

The Bible is clear about origins. It is a matter of history, not experimental repeatable testable science from people (those accidental chance occurrences that have, over time, evolved from something to star dust to heavier things to LIFE to pond scum to us.) If all this seems a bit sarcastic, it actually is not. In most educational institutions, when you take a way the gibberish and the fancy talk, this is what is taught as fact. If I were the reader, who bought into this, would not I wonder if this was true? As the writer, I want you to question origins. It is uncomfortable. A lot of people have work and lives dependent on the prevailing opinion. But what if it is wrong? What if I said, it is wrong? What if God says it is wrong?

Throw a handful pebbles on a table. Wait. Wait a very long time for them to come together. Will they? Then why wait for the initial gas (as they say) to produce M106, NGC 2290, and the trillions of other galaxies….then perfect earth…then us on it? So pebbles are not acceptable? Make them very special particles then and assign them crazy never-seen-before characteristics? Will they come together to produce the magical complexity that we see and study? Have you simply assumed this as true? Why? And it all happened by itself?

I think not.

We are the “created”. He is the Creator. That is what Genesis says, and Psalms, and the Prophets, and Romans, and Hebrews.  The earth bears witness to catastrophism with the world wide flood. “Kinds” continue to produce after their kind.

The missing links, from the naturalistic world view, are a well greased but still imaginary figment of a picture with no basis. However, it is most often taught as fact.

So if you are an observer, are you comfortable with the prevailing opinion of your ancestry via the mysterious undirected random process of evolution? I hope not.

Contrary to the tumult, there are believing scientists and engineers and people from other walks of life that take a Biblical view. It has the answers, but it also places in proper context and makes sense of the presence of death and disease.

Dare to question if you have not questioned this before. Your life in eternal terms will depend on it and the answer you choose to believe.

Acts 17:24  The God who made the world and everything in it is the Lord of heaven and earth….

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