Full Moon in Foreground Light

20090706-moon-in-foregroundJuly 6, 2009 about 9:45 pm EDT; 15 minute sketch


8×56 binocular & eyes alone

Pastels on light grey paper


We were outside to catch a glimpse of the international space station that was to appear in the SW but clouds had overtaken that part of the sky. The low moon was rising but was also being overtaken with clouds. Setup was so fast we did not even turn off a nearby light. It was fortuitous. The rapidly changing scene was beautiful with a binocular but the light highlighted the purple and green butterfly bush that was 15 feet away. The moon was reduced to an area of golden glow in cloud within 20 minutes.

Watchfulness and alertness are terms used quite often in reference to admonitions for Christians. Our walk with Jesus is meant to mature so that we are in a state of watchfulness: able to respond or be moved by the Holy Spirit quickly. Likewise if we sin, we are healed much faster if we respond quickly to conviction. In 2 Timothy 4:2 the concept of being watchful or alert or prepared is embodied in the phrase: “be prepared in season and out of season”. I thought of the scripture as I finished the sketch, which would not have been possible without having learned to be ready to record a scene quickly before conditions change. God will teach us efficiently and quickly if we are ready in season or out of season.

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