From the Beginning…Life is Precious

Protection of children, including the unborn, is being opposed by forces that include abortion, trafficking, and enslavement. What do you believe? Does your belief translate into how you live to assist others?

Faylene and I teach biblical creation, which includes biblical fundamentals like these: mankind was created uniquely in God’s image (Genesis 1); God knew us before we were born (Psalm 51, Psalm 139, and Acts 17); and His unfailing love especially reaches widows and children, who are often the most vulnerable segment of a population. Each of these fundamentals has strong biblical threads. We also teach about how sin entered creation through decisions and actions by the first two people. The trends among humankind that followed are described in Genesis 3-6 but are presented in a different form in Romans 1. Parts of Romans 1 are happening today, so life in many places is being cheapened. The unborn have no defense without someone speaking or doing something. The bottom line is this: serious followers of Jesus Christ are needed to defend life, especially for those who cannot speak for themselves or are oppressed.

Our writing tasks are not the only things we do. We live among children in the Philippines whose lives are precious. Many were retrieved from traumatic situations. We love them, see them every day, watch them grow, and appreciate the hands of staff that work with them. While many of them had rough times, they made it here because some mother was willing to let them live.

While some children are being retrieved, the unborn do not have a voice or choice. Decisions to terminate viable pregnancies around the world now account for more deaths than all world wars combined.  Only a very small fraction of those decisions are related to imminent danger to the mother or violence through rape and incest. In biblical terms, abortion on demand is taking human life. The damage goes further than the loss of life of the unborn, which is terrible in itself. It reaches and damages countless people, especially young women. You can easily find the statistics online. They are frightening.

The subject gets personal. My late wife and I tried to intervene to persuade a foreign lady not to have an abortion more than 15 years ago. We let it be known that we would take the child if the abortion could be stopped. We were too late.

My late wife had already suffered through miscarriages, and the last one yielded tests and a meeting with staff in a nationally known hospital in the US. They said, “Try to have children as you want, because we can test the fetus and execute an abortion if anything seems ‘out of order’.” It was the casual treatment of life that alarmed us, and this occurred in the early 1980s. My late wife worked with children until cancer took her life in August 2016 because they are those who will lead the future. From the 1980s the number of abortions on demand has increased dramatically worldwide.

Faylene had her own share of hardships, including losing two children. But, she had already had several children. She and her late husband defended and loved them. Then, she helped several of those grown children have children.

In Faylene’s distant past, however, was another lady. She is about our age but only recently revealed that she had abortions when she was young. Faylene did not know it until Stephanie posted a summary of her testimony to a government committee. We were so impressed with the testimony that a summary of it is repeated below. Stephanie and another dear lady, are developer and founder, respectively, of a ministry ( to help the healing among women who had abortions. She did not just testify of something from the past. She did something about it. So, are you a believing family or belong to a believing church? Would you help that kind of healing also? Perhaps you can assist a pregnant woman in a variety of ways. Maybe your home can adopt a child brought to term that otherwise would have been aborted. There is much to do. Please read Stephanie’s summary testimony.      Roland Beard


February 15 at 11:54 PM ·

I am ready to share the testimony I gave before the House Children and Family Committee on Tuesday. This testimony may shock, anger, confuse, bring hope, or raise compassion. However it affects you, stop and realize that my story is above everything redemptive. This is a life redeemed by a Father who is truth and grace in love. On the back side of this testimony is the reality that this story is more common than you would think. I have a LOT to talk through with everyone and I welcome comments, questions and conversation and private messages. Please share this testimony, as it may give someone the courage to find their healing, to find their voice and to speak out!! Abortion is tearing at the fabric of the family and the fiber of this nation. Let’s start the healing.

Spoken in testimony to the Children and Family committee. Besides the committee there were pro-life and pro-choice people in the room, along with an abortion doctor. I was nervous but not afraid. God has brought me here “for such a time as this”.

Hello, my name is Stephanie Jacobson and I’m from Kansas City.

It has been said… “No little girl ever dreams of becoming a prostitute.” I can say with much conviction that “no little girl ever dreams about having an abortion.”

I have had 2 abortions.

“I want to go get my boyfriend”. “You won’t need him. This is YOUR choice. He can’t help you with this, but we can.” She said this as she slid the speculum from the desktop to explain the “process”. The process to take ‘it’… ‘the tissue’ from MY body. “The process is simple and quick. You will feel light cramping. Just like a mild period.”

My thoughts were calmed because my period was never an issue. She said this would be simple. I can do this for my boyfriend, my parents, for me, for our future, and there won’t be any shame to bear.

I was raised in a loving, two-parent, Christ-following home. My world was safe. Abortions don’t happen in these kinds of lives. RIGHT???? But life had a detour I never saw coming. My high school sweetheart and I made a decision to end the life of our first child while in high school. During college we parted ways and I became unglued and promiscuous. Another pregnancy and another abortion. The second abortion seems more eminent than the first. I was numb. SOOOO numb. So numb, I didn’t even know I was numb. My boyfriend and I reconciled and were married by the time I was 20. Things were as they should be…OR WERE THEY?

It has taken me almost 40 years to find healing. However, I HAVE found my voice. Now I speak, not only for the women who have experienced the pain from having life sucked from their body, I speak for my 2 babies. Liam Elias and Victoria Isabelle. You may wonder why I have named my children. BECAUSE THEY EXISTED!!!!

Time of existence on this earth does not designate personhood. From conception to death, be it 6 weeks in the womb or 95 years…this humans DNA never ever changes. He or she is fearfully and wonderfully made by an orderly God who gave them a unique DNA.

Abortion is not a political battle. IT IS A BATTLE OF THE HEART and shows no favor to any political party. However, this battle is being fought on many fronts. 60,000,000 humans have lost their lives fighting this silent bloody battle. God has called me to this battle, and God is victorious over the battle. But there is an army of women ready to stand.

William Wilberforce, one of the leading abolitionists of the 18th century spoke these words to parliament. “You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

SO, here we are… fighting the same fight Wilberforce did merely 200 years ago… the fight for life.

It now rests in your hands.

Thank you for your time.

Stephanie Winkler Jacobson

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