Formed Beauty or Accidental Porridge?

As I stroked my wife’s forehead last night, I marveled at the wisdom of God to put a living soul in a mortal body. Her body has been the brunt of a life threatening disease for years, but her soul is so much more. It reaches to God, and has a tether to the eternal through Jesus Christ. On the other hand, a mechanical view of things is wholly different. In this case, the combination of age and cells run amuck are foremarkers of the end. Further, in the popular and dominant theme of the day, she is only an accidental result of eons of slow and painful evolution. The point of view one believes makes an approach to life entirely different.

So it is with the heavens. They were either formed at God’s command or they are like a giant bowl of tasteless porridge, thrown together by entirely natural processes over deep time. We, then, are a simple extension. Or, the universe, the celestial sphere, the galaxies we can view, and, finally, M83 are the result of the hands of the Creator.

With these thoughts in view, here is a brief 40 minute rendering of a beautiful barred galaxy in the Southern skies that was done while I was conducting a little sketch lesson on Night Skies Network. The observation sheet includes various other details about the observing session.

It was a good evening to give thanks for God’s commands that yielded both M83 and the lovely presence of my wife.


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