Flowing Stone and Buried Life

I had a conversation with a person recently. I made a comment about the worldwide Genesis Flood. He laughed at the reference to my referring to its occurrence 4500 (or so) years ago. Even the concept of a 6000-year-old earth got a reply of “ridiculous.”

So, here we are looking at a picture in the southwest that I took a few years ago. It is one of those neat places about a mile above sea level where sedimentary rock layers can be easily seen. The dry climate that developed in this region following the Flood era left us a visible record of some of the things that occurred. With the lands raised and the valleys deepened (Psalm 109:6-9) the violent receding waters of the Genesis Flood leave tell-tale signs of the cataclysm. Places like this are numerous. This is just one.  As the waters laden with debris and silicates moved off the new continent’s higher elevations and mountains, the nearly perfect concrete-like mix formed a layer on top of the bluff to the left. It was still soft as if it was a layer of “flowing stone.” The waters continued to rip away softer, lower areas. In the meantime, the edges of the layer on the top left drooped over the edge and hardened in place.

A few years later I found a fossilized clam in Texas at a creek bed in a tiny park near a metropolitan area. It had been buried alive early in the flood. Finding these things is pretty common if you know where to look. One part is broken off so one can see the innards were fossilized right along with everything else. There was no time to split open like a clam that is dead and rots. The fossil speaks of a quick and violent catastrophe. And, it was. It was the Flood of all floods: designed to kill every living thing with breath except those on the Ark. It is not a myth, and God does not forget. The Genesis Record provides quite a bit of detail.

So, one can laugh, or when it is quiet and you can think about it. The alternative to thinking it is a myth is to reckon that God knew what He was talking about. He explained the six-day creation in Genesis 1 and 2, provided a record of how things got spoiled in Chapter 3, and described what He did to slow the rapid downhill moral degradation in the next few chapters that led to the Great Flood. A few chapters later, the recorder of God’s information cites an incident at the Tower of Babel, where He imposed a language barrier. Why? The common language to mankind meant that people could accelerate doing things that were not good. So, major languages get birthed out of God’s action to confuse their plans. Myth?

Scientists and specialists with a Biblical world view look at the same evidence as those who believe in purely naturalistic explanations. The biblical world view leads you to radically different conclusions. Believing scientists and specialists know, like I do, that the Bible is not a myth, the catastrophe of the Flood (and the reasons for it) are written as objective truth. 2 Peter 3 reminds us that these things are meant to have meaning today. God does not forget, sees all, and still beckons to people to believe in Him. The earth will not endure forever. One day, He will pull the plug.

Through the blood of Jesus Christ that was shed for our sins, there is a solution to our wayward ways. Sins have not changed from the first people talked about in Genesis. They are our ancient relatives. We have the same wayward ways they did. The same wayward ways led to crucifixion of Christ, but they could not keep Him down. He rose.

A flood like the Genesis Flood will not happen again, but He reminds people that the near the end of days will be like the days of Noah. If it is a myth, the Bible lies. If it is true, we have reason to consider the record of the Creation, the Flood, and the solution to our dilemma. It is not joke and is not ridiculous. It is objective truth.

When seen as truth, then the evidence of the Flood and its aftermath become obvious.


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