Fall, Front Passage, Clouds, and the Moon

Late fall on the Eastern Seaboard of the USA is marked by rapid front passages, quick changes in weather, and cloud formations that change just as quickly. It is also marked by wondrous color that marks the forests. This sketch was during one of those rapidly changing days. Sketching the moon was planned but changed because of blocking clouds. Then the sky would clear briefly to catch a daytime view at higher magnification. It is a wonderful reminder of the thin line of life, weather, water cycle, and color that marks earth’s surface: deliberately created and sustained in a system so we have the opportunity to seek the Creator of it all, Jesus Christ, or refuse to believe. mooninsnowweb

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  1. This is an unusual time for most amateur astronomers to observe, but I find the rapid changes, day-time views of the moon set on blue or clouded skies, and the fall season contribute to magnificent views of God’s creation. Now it is 2010, but I love these times as much as when I sketched during this 2008 period. Go to www. christworksministries.org and then to the Inspiration Page to see more sketches and stories from the skies. Roland

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