Do You Command the Morning in 2020?

The morning on the foggy marsh was quiet. While the sun was above the marsh grass on the far side of the channel, it was still partially hidden behind a group of pines, so golden orange crepuscular rays developed where the sunlight managed to get through the trees. I rediscovered the picture a month ago and made a quick pastel sketch.

The time, fog, water, and local conditions are a result of the perfect rotation of a water-dominated earth. The rotation is not too slow and not too fast. Distance to the sun is not too far and not too close. It was all created as the unique habitat for man, who is the object of the Creator’s handiwork. Job simply forgot. In his peril and pain, he momentarily forgot. God’s first-person questions were penetrating, including the one quoted in the drawing. It all seems foolish, however, if you believe it all happened by itself. It did not. It is statistically impossible, and observations show the same result: we are on a unique planet and we are unique.

Have you forgotten who you are, or are you ignorant of where you are? Neither the earth nor the heavens are an accident. 2020 may be a new year, but the key issue is the same: do we acknowledge the God of all things, or do we follow our own way. Is He the origin of Light and Truth, or are we the deciding factor for who we are and where we come from? What if the question is asked of you, “Have you commanded the morning since your days began?”

Your answer makes a difference in how you see yourself and others. Ultimately, it makes a difference in your relationship with the Almighty.

Have questions? Ask us. Take a look at the first chapters of the Bible. Read the reference chapter in the drawing. Download the free Bible study from this site. Don’t just buy the popular opinion that we came from the goo by way of the zoo. If you want to read in depth about the subject, try or or

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