Directions of the Heart

The evening started easily enough. We were road-weary and set up our site to rest overnight. Clouds covered most of the sky. After an hour it was apparent that cloud bands were broken up by lines of clear sky to the west. And, the sun was going to set “in the clear.” The conditions were very good to see a “sun column.” I watched the skies as the sun got lower and grabbed a camera–anticipating the opportunity to see a column develop just as or after the sun set. It was windy and cool. I was hungry. But I waited until I saw signs that conditions were right and began taking pictures. After another 15 minutes or so, I had caught a small sun column on several shots. Here is the result, but the lesson is what made the period of time valuable.


There is this arrogance in man that says, “If God wants to speak to me, let Him.” Even without the statement, the biblical assessment of man says almost the same thing: we want our own way. It has been that way since the beginning. So whether you see God’s assessment of the situation in Genesis, or look at Jesus’ statement in John 3:18-21, or a dozen other places, we (as a race) deeply want our own way, our own direction, and our own goals. Further, we don’t want anyone to mess with them. UNLESS something happens and we see that the direction of our heart if fruitless or without ultimate hope or purpose. Then, and only then, does a person become willing to pound on a door to heaven and say, “God, I want to know you!”

The Lord reminded me of these things as I considered what happened during the period of the sun setting, when I changed the direction I was going to try to capture the little sun column. I had to stop what I was doing when I became aware of something. I had to stop my previous direction and consideration of what I wanted. I had to turn in another direction. It took a change in heart that became a change in direction and action.

So why is is surprising that to come to the Creator God requires a change in heart and direction to know Him? As I said on a facebook entry at the CHRISTWORKS page, the way and path of our own wants and desires is a huge highway. Jesus said His way is very narrow; few find it. Why? We are not willing (generally) to want anything but our own way. That is the sum of it. Yet, He is patient–working through circumstances and situations perchance we reach out to Him, change our direction, and knock on the door to Life. This is also the reason why our lives clearly, from a God’s Eye view, speak of what direction we go. We decide everyday–to do what we want, or to change direction and want what He wants. If you want what He wants, that direction changes everything and leads to eternal life.

Christ waits for each one to make a decision of direction regarding Him. Our lives make the directions of our hearts very clear. So if you feel the tug in the heart to go to God, respond. Be willing to change directions. The effects will last a very long long time. It will set you on a different path, a smaller one, but one with everlasting fruit.

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