Dinosaurs and the Flood

Fascination with dinosaurs is common, even among children in the Philippines. Questions about when they existed, why we don’t see them, and what happened “back then” is a part of many conversations in which I have participated. Just a little dinner among some young men at the site of a Philippine ministry that I often visit became lively as we discussed what happened “near the beginning.” A couple days later two young children wanted to visit after school. They were looking for something to do, so I hauled out one of the books from Creation Ministries International on dinosaurs. While a bit young to fathom all the details, they stayed glued to it, read little sections to each other, and looked at all the informative cartoons for nearly an hour.children-and-book

The context and effects of the Flood of Genesis dives right into key parts of a biblical world view that is in stark contrast to the God-deleted view of Naturalism and Evolution. The hinge pin is not science, or at least not operational science. Forensic science is a whole different matter and relies on a world view that is the baseline assumption from which evidence is interpreted for the person that has either view. A biblical view relies on an Eyewitness account that was communicated and written down in Genesis, but the event’s importance and effects are mentioned throughout the Bible, including the Epistles. Jesus refers to Genesis on several occasions, including specific mention of the Flood. If this view is true (I believe it is), then interpretations of what happened, including happened to the dinosaurs, are starkly different.

The whole subject for many is disturbing because it gets to the core of our identity. Just who are we and where did we come from? So much of geographical and geological things that are publically interpreted around us are almost exclusively in terms of millions, if not billions, of years. We came from undirected processes? That is our identity? The complex information within living things self-developed? The plain interpretation of Genesis yields a time scale in terms of several thousand years. So the biblical record is a dramatically different way to interpret the evidence. The genetic record, which now includes DNA from dinosaurs, increased knowledge of the vast distribution or characteristics of sedimentary rock, and the strong evidence of world wide catastrophe that was driven by water are becoming harder and harder to dismiss in terms of extremely slow changes over millions and billions of years. So, things are not cooling down on the subject; they are heating up. Even in far away places from my Virginia home, the questions about dinosaurs, for instance, lead to one of the centers of the debate between the world views.

The biblical creation study (can be downloaded from this site under downloadable courses) takes the time to address why all the fuss gets into education by comparing the biblical and natural world views in general terms for key school subject areas in one its later sections. Even when the study was in draft form a few years ago, I went through more than 40 books in one school library in Philippines that contained common textbooks for the sciences, social studies, and history to show the reviewing team how the naturalistic world view is virtually all that is presented and how different it is compared to the biblical view. The biblical view, on the other hand, is often criticized as “old thinking” or “superstition” or “myth” in some of the books. A similar examination in most countries would yield the same thing. But, increasing studies by bible-believing scientists and specialists are being published to show the efficacy of the biblical view of beginnings, which dives into popular topics like dinosaurs, effects of a world wide flood, and the historical underpinning of Genesis. It is truly worth examining if you have not considered Genesis as true as plainly written as an accurate history of the universe.

In the meantime, the discussions here in this little Philippine school continue as well.  The children keep coming to look at books and ask questions. The teachers are just as interested. The topic is truly fascinating, and the biblical world view can, believe it or not, stand up under scrutiny, especially with the exponential increase in evidence in several key areas that is much more plausibly interpreted with a biblical world view. Take a look for your self, or even do some searches or read on any of the well-known biblical-creation sites.

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  1. This is so awesome that you are taking the time to show the teachers this information. I like the kids coloring book by the creation institute that uses the letters of the alphabet.

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