Crescent Craving and Children Waiting

I knew but did not know what was going to happen. We set up a little telescope to see the “third day” moon. The little sliver of a crescent could not be seen until just after sunset. We sat side by side and watched the color show as the fading sun changed the sky. I captured the tree line and a color strip of the sky but then the children came. First, there were two. Then two more. Then five. Ten gathered by the time it was darker. As I explained the created moon, the lunar cycle, and pointed to the Creator of it all, I pulled out the black and grey pastels to grab what I could. Earth shine was prominent, so I had to explain why we could see the remainder of the lunar disc. By that time over 20 people were either watching the sketching, looking through the telescope, or just enjoying the company of an older couple. They stayed for an hour.

We were done by 7:30 as Orion began shining overhead and Canopus to the south. We shut up the sketching materials and walked quietly back to our quarters alone. That is when she told me about the littlest children. The first one got up in her lap laid her head against her chest. Faylene just rocked back and forth. The little girl commented that she could hear the heartbeat and Faylene talked with her about a dance program she was in. After a few minutes, she got down and a second child crawled up in her lap. She just watched the whole scene and used her limited English to say “stars” and “moon”. She sang a little song with Faylene and did hand motions. The older ones were chattering away with me as all this happened. I never knew it until later.

This is the nature of much of our stay. The children come. Very few have biological parents around. Grandparents are only imagined, until an older couple who lives among them loves them and spends time with them. Since our Father took us in, we take them in…and point to Him. The sketch is the reminder of the evening, but the next day the littlest child came in our quarters and went around the room. She pointed to every sketch of the moon and sat with Faylene for a bit before going for a walk with her. She does it most every day.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these. Matthew 9:14

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