Creation Tidbits for Trees in Spring

God’s acts of creation upon the face of the earth are governed in many respects by our position and tilt relative to the sun. This is, in a sense, a big picture view of the origin of seasons. The layers of complexity, however, continue as one observes smaller and smaller things. Vegetation changes occur within each season, and they are easy to observe. It is part of what makes seasonal changes so interesting.

During the early Spring, most leaf-bearing trees are bare. you can see groups of them in this image below, where the dawn light in middle April exhibits patches of deciduous trees without leaves. 2015-oak-trees-in-spring

Then something happens that is more noticeable as the sun gets a little higher, the days get a little longer, and the average temperatures moderate. Buds at the ends of tree branches begin to swell as sap that is full of nutrients finally gets to the outer extremeties of the tree. In the space of just a few days, groups of new leaves begin to appear. The image below shows “baby” oak leafs on an oak sapling in my back yard.20150425-oak-leaf-in-spring

All this sounds simple enough, but a combination of the little boy in me and my engineering training make me want to investigate this process every Spring. Why don’t you do what I do? Touch the leaves. You will notice how delicate and small they are. It would seem they could be easily destroyed. Therein lies another layer of complexity that was designed and planned from creation. Think of it: Spring brings changing weather patterns. Where I live, Spring brings thunderstorms and wind rather frequently. Yet the new leaves on an oak have just enough flexibility to withstand the sometimes violent conditions. The characteristics of precipitation, which range in Spring from frost to rain to hail, rarely bother the delicate new growth. After just a few short weeks, those leaves are mature and operating as they should.

If God is able to create vegetation as part of a complex creation, then sustain the changing conditions of trees through their awakening Spring period, how much more will He thoroughly oversee the affairs of men?

Creation scriptures in Genesis on trees: Genesis 1:11-13, 2:9

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