Creation Moment: Color

clouds-and-colorFrom flowers to clouds to the heavens, each arena of creation reveals part of its splendor in terms of color. Interpretation of color involves our uniquely created eyes and our brain. We have the ability to detect minute differences.

Consider some color applications. The electromagnetic spectrum is huge, while the visible light section, where colors “reside” is extremely narrow, yet the detail we can detect in that narrow spectrum is quite amazing. Things would appear much different if we naturally detected another part of the spectrum. Parts of creation have features that are interesting at many wavelengths, but our ability to detect color details quite astounding. As a result, it is quite often applied to interpret non-visible light portions by assigning colors to different wavelengths. A parallel technique is used by assigning gradients of colors to relative heights of above sea level to assist map interpretation. In an entire different sphere of the arts, what would be do without the ability to interpret color as we draw or paint, like the sketch of the Great Orion Nebula, below?

2-080301_m42_102edAll of our senses are special but color detection is so precise that we notice the slightest change. Since we are made in God’s image, interpreting color is part of His image that is built into us. Interpreting color is an incredibly useful tool that brings attention to so many parts of creation. Whether it is a multi-colored sky as the first image shows, the detail of a flower when contrasted to its surroundings, or huge stellar clouds in deep space, color is to be appreciated.

God uses color in the Scriptures. You can find references to color from Genesis to Revelation as God presents detail on this world or the one to come. He comments to Job about parts of creation that are made vivid with color. His description of the world to come in Revelation depends on our understanding of color. It often takes a moment to realize that we often take color for granted, but the use of color and our ability to interpret it are a reflection of His greatness.

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  1. In all the years I have been observing, M42 is one deep sky object I can truly say I can detect light hues of pink or very mildly red, and green through the telescope. Many stars and double stars that have contrasting colors are wonderful to observe. As far as Jupiter> a wealth of color in the cloud bands, red spot though not dark as years ago, Saturn> Rings, it planetary yellowish ball, Mars>dark albedo markings, Uranus and Neptune> greenish and blue colors of the two planets are just barely a drop in the bucket What God has created in colors we are not able to see with our eyes.

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