Crater Sketching with the “Peepers”

Spring in Virginia brings a cacophony of sound from the tree frogs. You can tell the arrival of warmer temperatures and more Spring-like conditions in the forest when these little things begin “peeping.” My goodness they can be loud. And, they are not regular. One will start and they all join in. Maybe five minutes later in the space of 15 seconds the hundreds that are making noise will quiet down until silence reins. Then they pick up again. My setting up to observe the moon was marked by what I heard more than what I saw when I was outside. I aimed to grab an interesting looking crater or two to get some practice. Everytime I was at the scope, the “peepers” were sounding off.

The observing sheet is below. It is set up with most of the same elements we teach teachers to include when they are teaching children to observe. That includes a scripture. I used an obvious one on the creation of the moon. Yes, created. The nebular hypothesis fails the scientific test of any process we know. Other conjectures are talked about but they are just that: conjectures. God has provided a pretty clear statement in Genesis 1:16 about its purpose and rather short period needed for creation. When it was “cratered” is another matter. He does not say, but it boils down to two periods when catastrophes occurred: the Fall of man, when creation was subjected to decay, or the Genesis Flood, which may have involved planetary things as well as the global flood on earth. In any case, it’s great to observe it. The light-play on craters is ever-changing because of its position, rotation, and orbit.


Now back to the peeping tree frogs. They are a good reminder that the planet was created and made to be inhabited. He does not leave things to chance, thank goodness. The balances we observe are incredible, and Spring reminds me of it. The season brings an awakening that one can see, touch, and hear that is a good picture of the ongoing effects of the delicate seasonal dance. At our observing site the dogwood trees are beginning to bloom; the pollen count is going through the roof; the local deer are running on our paths in the mornings and nights.  You must understand the irony of it all: children are taught and many adults believe it all happened by accident. Not a chance. It’s God’s mercy and love displayed.

It was a wonderful night to give thanks.

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