Christmas Card and Looking Forward

Lone Fisherman. We visited the lake last year with the Couples Ministry. Faylene noticed the reeds and lilies swayed by the water on the lake. There was only one boat and fisherman in sight. The scene became the sketch for this year’s Christmas Card and note, which is pictured below. It is a stressful time for many who have endured personal tragedy or are under duress or are alone. Whether a hard time or not, the lone fisherman reminded us of the lone birth, the only birth, the single entrance of the One whose Life did and will make things different. And, because of Him, we are together at home in the Philippines, yet still seek a City not made with hands.   Christmas and New Year Wish. We hope those with opportunity to enjoy this traditional holiday period or the entrance of a new year will remember His purpose to be related to us in a real way. For fellow believers, please be mindful of those who are widows, orphans, the sick, those in prison, those in need of food or other similar things.

Roland and Faylene at the IFL mission station, IFL Compound, Philippines

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  1. dan and martha ann

    Merry Christmas and blessings from our home to yours

  2. wishing you a joyous Christmas

    • Thanks. Good fellowship with children and adults. We are having a great time. We know there is a lot of work ahead, so we are enjoying the breaks.

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