Chasing Fuzzy Wuzzies in the Night

God made us curious. We find something interesting, then we look further. It was that way with the burning bush (Old Testament event) and it is that way for most things. The tendency gets really basic because we question who we are and what it all means….so we will chase various things to try to find out.

The same tendency is true when observing. Something strikes an interest, so we look at it. We (my wife and I) were not even headed for globular clusters on the 13th of August, but these little fuzzy wuzzies (as we call them) are numerous but each one is different. So on our way to something else, we stopped at two of them, got interested, and made observing sheets.

Globulars generally beg the question: why are they there? No theories work. Self gathering energy that makes a gravitationally related group of huge high energy stars with empty space around them makes no sense. Of course, if one denies God had any part, conjectures abound, but they defy logic and a mechanism to make it happen. On the other hand, what a demonstration of His work in creation!!

Linda’s observation is first, and she was overjoyed to observe again with reasonable comfort, having exited a period of medical things. My observation is second. It was a good night to give thanks.

For those following the lessons, by the way, we have another on the Milky Way coming up in a few days. Stay posted. Have a good day…and night.


20140813-LB-M19-M62 20140813-M19-M62
Technical Note: The astro video camera (in place of the eye piece on a telescope) has a color chip. We can see color on reasonably bright objects. Globulars generally have very little color. However, these two did have faint color at their centers. So the color you see in the sketches we did see. Notice: each one is a bit different.


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