Vicarious Observing a World Apart

Observing the created heavens with our Filipino friends is being done from the US through a combination of astro-video tools and streaming video from It is a story worth telling because our friends are only equipped with small f/5 refractor kits that we sent a few years ago. Part … Continue reading

Creation and Children

Children’s lessons can often pack truth with simple exercises. Linda taught some Filipino children about creation and evolution. Just like her, she came up with an exercise so the little ones could think about it. They made a simple double-sided piece of paper on a stick. One side was the … Continue reading

Queen of the Wandering Stars and the Value of Disciplined Observing

Here is a simple but partial observing sheet from a sketch notebook from February 21, 2014 that shows Jupiter in two views. It is incomplete in the sense that we teach folks to include more information, but lets talk about that later. Take a look at the sketch first. What … Continue reading