Sense of Time in a Culture of Delusion

Came from nothing. Yes, we did. From explosion to soup to living goo … … to you. Billions and billions of years it took: one little piece at a time. It could be a child’s tune or a chant. In reality it is the dominant mantra of the day, and the … Continue reading

Creation Moment: Color

From flowers to clouds to the heavens, each arena of creation reveals part of its splendor in terms of color. Interpretation of color involves our uniquely created eyes and our brain. We have the ability to detect minute differences. Consider some color applications. The electromagnetic spectrum is huge, while the … Continue reading

The Wonder of the Neighborhood — Creation Moments Under the Sky

The sultry summer nights in Virginia are typically 30+ degrees Centigrade, humid, and still. On occasion, however, a weak cold front passes by, dries out the air, and opens the sky. Last evening was one of those nights, so the “local neighborhood” Milky Way Galaxy was quite a sight. In … Continue reading