Breadth of Love

The young boys clustered around to see the sketch. They looked through the 8 inch telescope, but they were more interested to see how observing translated to a sketch record of the event. After all, it was a rare clear night, the almost-quarter moon was directly overhead, and I was there to answer questions. So, we talked, they talked, and I kept putting pastel to the paper. I didn’t even have time to locate where I was looking on the lunar surface.

The sketch sat for a week. I began thinking about the breadth of His love–creating various heavenly and terrestrial things that we see all the time. Some are so common we forget they are there. This little mission station has tropical trees that are so common that no one even thinks about them. The smell of the wet ground, the rice paddies around the compound, and the tropical foliage greet your eyes and nose every morning. It’s a precious planet — made to be inhabited according to Genesis 1 and Isaiah 45:18. The moon is neat, too, because of its perfect size and with astounding effects on earth. Oh, my goodness, the breadth of His love.

But, I must get back to the little ones. Our closest ones have one parent or no parents. We have become grandparents to some or Mom and Dad to others. Some of those same kids we put before the optics in little telescopes, and begin to tell them just what I rendered on this little sketch: the breadth of His love.




Technical note: Strathmore paper with pastels for the moon; the larger sketch paper with ink and prismacolor pencils. 40 minutes for the moon sketch; an hour to finish and set a few days later. Photographed and adjusted in Photoshop Elements to match the original drawing lighting.

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  1. Myra Gaculais del Rosario

    Looking forward to your sketches of the super blue moon eclipse and your reflection on this event. Praying for clear skies tonight!!!

  2. Thank you for the share and beautiful sketch. The children must love having special people taking time to love them and teach them.

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