Blooming Out of Season

20151215-2-quick-obeyThe northeast region of United States has a distinctive Fall and Winter. By December the trees are bare and the nights a cool or cold. On occasion we get a period of warm weather. It does not wake most of the trees except for those especially responsive to a warm spell that lasts at least a couple weeks. It happened this year. The spring-like weather caused this tree to bloom so puffs of pink were sprinkled over several hundred acres of grassland. All the rest of the trees remained bare.

This event in creation is a picture of obedience to God. Hearts tend to be unresponsive to God because God says the way to destruction is pretty wide. The landscape, so-to-speak, seems cold like winter. However, when He beckons and draws a soul, it can warm the heart to respond. For the one who says “I want to know Him” when He draws us or makes Himself known in a variety of ways, it’s like a warm wind over a cold land. Something comes alive and we know we have an opportunity to reach out to Him. We bloom if we respond, even when the world around us seems unchanged and frozen. In a fashion, we begin to blossom out of season, like the tree in the image. It is the same with a believer faced with choices in situations. If we respond to His Spirit when it gently blows, it yields fruit–even if it seems to be out of season or out of place.

Luke 9:57-62 exhorts people to respond to God rather than let other things take away the opportunity to obey and follow Him. Remember the tree blooming out of season? If the wind blows on your heart, respond. Don’t wait. Don’t let other things become more important as it did to the people in this little part of Luke. Respond. God meets that kind of response.


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