Being Ready

There is an element of observing that is not often described. It has something to do with being ready or having  a posture to move and act at short notice.

We had been traveling the whole day and came upon a little park in Nebraska. We were tired but we have learned to keep an eye on the sky and to keep sketch materials nearby. There were broken clouds and it was breezy, but as the light was receding, the branches of the nearby tree and the moon made a nice scene. We pulled out the binoculars and observed. The sketch is pretty simple but the lesson is more important.


Having a posture toward observing is like walking with Christ. When a person knows of His love and has walked a bit through life, he learns to keep an eye on his soul and an ear poised to hear the voice of God. Most folks consider it radical and not a real statement, but Jesus meant it: “My sheep hear my voice.” We were intended to know him, walk with him, and hear his voice. As the posture of a person takes that attitude in the faith, scenes that are seemingly normal become transformed or changed or altered. Observing teaches the same lesson. An observer waiting for the perfect night and situation will rarely observe. The person prepared in heart to observe will observe anytime–often making something or seeing something in a scene that would escape someone standing next to him. Walking with God is not unsimilar. If you are waiting for that perfect time for you to be introduced to Him or feel you must be doing something or be something to meet Him, then you probably already missed opportunities.

Jesus Christ means what He says when He says that his own know his voice. Consider abandoning your own priorities for Him. He awaits. Have a posture to want to know Him.

If you are believer and reading this, the lesson goes further: God is not some sort of aloof and removed God that is not aware of our situations and walk. Look at the countless scenes in the gospels or Acts and see how simple situations led to something life changing. People ask us how we got to the Philippines teaching observational astronomy, but it is the same God of Acts we follow. He makes something of simple conversations and directions and changes them by His spirit, which includes sending 2 plain ordinary people to do unusual things in unusual places. You cannot help but see that reading the stories on our web site (www.christworksministries). The Philippine trip started with a quiet conversation that God became a part of. So, are you a bored believer? Get to know a most personal and dramatic God. He is available if you have a POSTURE and are READY to move.

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