Angels, Aliens, and Demons

I regularly walk through the school at my mission station in the Philippines. Those walks remind me of who I am writing for and why. Since it was near the end of the school day and a break time, I stopped in one of the classrooms, which is also a common practice, because I like to see what some of the children are learning, look at the display boards, and greet students.

One student approached me. “Are angels real?” she asked. Two boys were listening nearby. When that part of the conversation was done, one of the boys asked, “Are there aliens?” All three were now engaged in the conversation, which went on for a half hour. A few days earlier I had the same questions at a creation workshop at the IFL (Institute for Foundational Learning) Teacher Convention. The same question comes up in churches. The same question comes up at my Virginia home when I conduct observing sessions of the heavens. The children that ask are reasonably educated, their questions are seriously asked, and most of the places I go are Christian in orientation. While it may be surprise, many adults have the same questions. And, the questions come from five year old children to 85 year old adults from several countries and cultures.

Do you know the answers? If you know biblical creation and basic Christian fundamentals, the answers are straight forward.

Yes, there are angels. They are numerous. A few key angelic beings have names. They have power, can appear like a normal human being, and they work for God. They can be messengers of God, execute his judgement, and some of their specific activities are recorded in the Bible. That, of course, is an oversimplification, but a blog post is not the place for a lengthy bible study.

No, there are no aliens. I will define aliens as strange beings that developed in another part of the universe. No matter how many movies and other media suggest otherwise, they are fictitious and a direct product of an evolutionary or naturalistic world view. This is because the naturalistic world view requires that life be able to start anywhere. No deity or any oversight is acceptable. Therefore, if life started here, it must be able to start anywhere. After 50 years of beaming messages or taking messages on robotic craft to space with expensive tax payer-paid dollars, none have been found. They will not find any. Have there been reports of unexplained things that suggest otherwise? Most of the reports can be explained. A small percentage of unexplained things defy a natural explanation, but the answer to them is not necessarily pleasant, because there are things that are alien or foreign to humans. They can take some pretty bizarre forms. They can exert power, mess with human beings, and are usually deceptive in the process. What are they? Read the New Testament for lots of recorded evidence. They are demons. The longer answer is more involved and needs another bible study. For a much more detailed treatment, I recommend an excellent and recent book titled “The Alien Intrusion” by Gary Bates. Be prepared for a long read, because he carefully develops the information and deals with some important issues in the process.

The bottom line is this: the Bible can answer these kinds of questions. We are not in a purely naturalistic world. After all, God really did make it along with the heavens. The crown of his creation is human kind, who were made in His image on the 6th day of creation. However, we have choice — perfect choice — to believe what He said happened or not.

Things went badly wrong just after the creation week, but it was not because of God. It was because of us (human beings, of which the first are Adam and Eve). We thought we knew better, and made decisions accordingly. The fall from our first created position was notoriously catastrophic, and we are not better today. That is the reason for the need of a Savior, who intervened on our behalf at a given point in history. But who believes that? Not many, but all are given the choice. And the Record of it all (the Bible) has answers, records what happened, and even documents details where it is necessary.

You can download the free study about biblical creation by going to Go to the <Courses> and then <Download Courses> to find the 1 meg PDF file (in English or Spanish). It’s small enough to go on a smart phone. A curriculum version is nearing completion.




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