An Uncommon but Biblical Resolution for 2015

I had the occasion to observe the moon twice at the turn of the year. 2015 was met with a clear view of the moon approaching “full.”  Weather was clear in the San Joaquin Valley instead of its more typical haze and fog. So I sketched two areas during the late 2014 and early 2015 evenings, which you can see below mounted on a single observing sheet. So where is the 2015 resolution? Examine the scripture in the upper left, and we will talk about it.

We had three public observing sessions in December and early January. The excitement at each of them was typical. So were the questions. The chief question is almost always about origins, and conjectures about the origin of the moon are popular. The most dominant delete God from the equation. Therefore, conjectures must, by definition, arrive at methods of its coming into existence by itself…without direction or oversight. The naturalistic view, when traced back, means that some process must self generate everything we observe—from particles to the largest galaxy. The vast majority of institutions now reflect this view, but the processes remain undetermined, because self generation is not possible.

Rather, we have the Creator’s report in first person. He is reliable, powerful, and able to effectively communicate with accuracy. He says it simply: the lesser light was created on the fourth day of creation (Genesis 1) as part of the master timepiece and a source of light for the earth. There are other important effects, due to the moon’s placement and size. The issue is not what it is, but how it got there and who did it. God is clear: it is His doing.

So the resolution is simple: believe Him.You will not find the moon made from things we see any more than the universe was made by things we see. Rather, it was created on command by the Eternal One. Self creation (without God) defies observable science in a created world, where even the orderly processes and laws were created. The resolution is blatantly different than the popular institutional conjectures about a self creating universe.


Technical note: A standard C8 telescope was employed along with an astro video camera that “pumped” the image to a small monitor inside, where I sketched. The lower left inset sketch was done with pastels; the upper right was done with pencil. RB

Reference study note: Want to learn more about biblical creation and compare it to the popular naturalistic view? Download the free creation study under <DOWNLOADABLE COURSES>. Want to learn to observe the heavens? You can download the newly revised Astronomical Observing from a Biblical View (AOBV) from the same location.

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