Altai Scarp on the Lunar Surface

20090303-moon-altai-scarp-smThe Facts

The sketch at right was developed on March 3, 2009 during an hour of observing a section of moon that is called the Altai Scarp. It is a wall or fault line that extends about 300 miles and has sections that are nearly 2 miles high. While it is a prominent lunar feature, it takes the right angle of sunlight to see it clearly. At our 4th day observing site, I set up an 8 inch Schmidt Cassagrain telescope with an astro-video camera that put the image on a high resolution screen in order to study and sketch the feature when the light angle permitted the scarp to be seen clearly.

The Lesson

Having the correct light for the study and sketch reminds me of the light that Jesus Christ puts on my soul. Left to my own understanding, an evaluation of my soul will produce the wrong conclusion because I cannot see correctly. With His light, however, my faults, my failures, my need for God become clear. This is the lesson of the parable in Matthew 18:9-14 (the story about the Pharisee and the tax collector). The Pharisee was self-righteous and was judging himself using his own rules in comparison to other people. The tax collector was humbled before God and asked for mercy in light of God’s righteousness. Jesus states that the tax collector went home justified before God.


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