A Scene of Simple Stars

Common stars, providing short glimpses of God’s created heavens, often appear during sultry and hazy summer nights. The brightest stars have enough brightness to pierce the haze. This summer the planet Saturn is waltzing through the Scorpius constellation, so the midnight scene yielded a treat for the eyes. Even a low power binocular is not much use on such a night, but our eyes can capture wide scenes like this one. It did not last for long, but long enough to record the western part of the constellation and the ringed “wandering star” (Saturn).


Any view of the heavens, no matter how simple, yields the same questions about origins. While the elaborate conjecture of a self-organized and self-energized universe continues to dominate, it makes little sense. Energy does not self organize. Explosions or expansions, no matter how large, do not magically yield complexity by themselves. Highly organized energy in the form of stars, then cities of stars, then patterns of cities (galaxies) don’t happen by themselves. As a matter of fact, much evidence, in keeping with the Bible, suggests the universe is now winding down–not up. Star death is a normal observation. Star birth has never been witnessed. Entropy on the largest scale is happening like entropy on small scales: things are tending toward more randomness or less available energy.

So how did things come about or get wound up? The Genesis account and companion Scriptures about creation are clear: Eternal God is both the Author and Designer of the magnificence of the heavens, the earth, or anything in between. So the fifth verse in Psalm 89 is appropriate: “The heavens praise your wonders, O Lord…” Verse 11 redeclares God’s ownership by saying, “The heavens are yours…”

On this particular night in July as western Scorpius and Saturn appeared, I relaxed in a chair after the sketch to just watch the tree line. Little fireflies lighted the black forest. The deer had marched through earlier. The earth is His also–that special place designed to be inhabited by the crown of His creation: mankind. So we have a chance, just a short one, to reach out and ask Him to draw close. His invitation is readily seen in the heavens or the earth. One choice is to deny He had or has a hand in any of it. Nothing is more foolish. But He is patient and merciful, waiting for the hungry and curious hearts who want to know Him.

Acts 17:27  God did this [created earth and us] so that men would seek him

and perhaps reach out for him…”

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