A Question About the Neighborhood

Most daily living is entirely too dumbed-down by the stream of drama that is centered around the cares and pleasures of our short lives on earth. You don’t believe me? Take away a cell phone and any media device from a typical adolescent in a locally modern society for a week. Or, take an adult’s pleasures or the goals for those pleasures, if you had the power to do so, and make them disappear for a month. Or, take the myriad of cares that an average person has, including all conversations and efforts that are related to them, and make them, if you could, disappear for a month. Then, for any of these three people, lay down only one rule for the same period of time: what has been taken away may not be talked about or sought after in any fashion. In each person’s case, what life would remain?

After the first shock of the changed existence, let each one of the three people answer two big questions in light of the new reality: Why are you here? Where are you headed? To stimulate the question a bit, have them step outside when it gets dark and have them look at the local neighborhood in the heavens, which we know as the Milky Way. It’s our home galaxy or the nearest block of the universe beyond earth. If they cannot see it because they are in a city or it’s cloudy, then show them the next two images, which are quick sketches of the galaxy that we are in. (The average human being can easily see Milky Way in some form or another during most of every year if the sky is dark enough.)


20150910-milky-way-northMy Creator fully intends for a person to consider what is seen. And, one does not need an instrument to do it. Your eyes will do just fine. The first sketch was done when I was facing south as I was seated in my backyard in Virginia in September. The second sketch was a few days later when I was facing north from the same location. I left out the complexity and most of the stars in both sketches. I only recorded the dominant stars and the most dense sections of the galaxy. There are thousands of galaxies like this at distances a human cannot comprehend.

It is hard NOT to ask the question, “How can all this be?” But, a lot of people are adept at piling up lots of activity so that the question fades away, just like a city’s lights hide the sky. So have you been told it all happened by itself? Self-organizing energy? Where is the equation that does that? And your distant ancestor was less than human? Show me which one it was in your family tree? And hundreds of times longer that ancestor was only a “living” primordial soup? And a hundred times longer than that the soup came from dead star dust? What process known to man does this? In what book is it explained?

In contrast, the Creator’s story of history is in the Bible. He expects us to look up and ask, “How can this be?” People may sound factual about how it all came to be by itself….with God disallowed…but such explanations murky at best. Repeating them over and over does not make them any more sure. Such explanations are like a house of cards built on conjectures about origins, but no one was there. The processes we study today cannot yield what we see. The local neighborhood did not come together and hang in space any more than pieces of dust on a table will eventually form a ticking watch if we just wait long enough. Think about it. Read Genesis 1 or dozens of other Bible references relating to the creation of world around us and the universe beyond.

And, by the way, the Bible does not ignore science, it impassions scientists, parents, or children who know the Creator.  Knowing Him stimulates excitement about the universe, because His signature is apparent from what He has created. That makes it worthy of study, experimentation, fascination, and observation. For this reason, taking away distractions from a person and having him or her stand under the heavens on a dark night can be valuable. It brings the important questions about life back into the forefront of thought. Then, perhaps, a person might reach out to the God of the Bible.

Acts 17:26-27  And he made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their dwelling place, that they should seek God, and perhaps feel their way toward him and find him. (ESV)

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