A Perfect Summer Night

The observing sheet (below) was developed last night. The sky conditions were poor but the day and evening were typical for the hotter part of our summer season. The July and August nights that hover around 75 degrees F while the days are around 95-100 F are called the “dog days of summer”.  The temperatures, high humidity, and an absence of breeze make for warm viewing if the haze is not too bad. This particular night, it was bad.

However, it had been a wonderful day with Linda. We were both too tired to put up a scope. She retired to watch a favorite video but I headed outside to enjoy the sky for a few minutes. It was a joyful time as I recalled favorite stars, talked to the Lord about the wonder of the heavens but also his mention of these kinds of nights in the book of Job. I only did a quick sketch of Ursa Major that was settling into the trees and M13 almost directly overhead. The night closed with a request: “Can you make me some popcorn?” Who can refuse the request of a lovely wife? So I wrapped up the observing time.

For those who read the blog to see how Linda is doing, that information is now being put in journal form on the following site (lindabeard) at Caring Bridge: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/lindabeard/mystory

The observing sheet for the evening:


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  1. PS. This observing sheet format has most of the elements that we expect students to include if they observe. A few days ago we returned from a church camp where we taught day classes and did some evening observing. The end result of their observing work was a sheet such as the one above. They used the same tools: their eyes, a small binocular, and a little refractor–the same kit of tools we took to Philippine schools and teachers. Roland

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