A Change in Relationship

From the Founder:

I refer readers to the last 4 posts if there is any question that change was already in progress for this ministry. It is not a change in focus or function, but a refinement in where it will take place. I have explained the calling to the Philippines and addressed the types of things I expect to be doing. My friends overseas continue to look forward to my return as much as I want to return, and it is because of what God has done and how He has directed. For readers who are not so sure that Almighty God actually talks and directs like this, then I highly recommend reading Acts. The Book has never really ended, which is common knowledge to those familiar with the work of the Counselor, the Holy Spirit. Our board members are all close friends; none of us have gone off the “deep end”; we consult, discuss, and pray about decisions. So the part of the ministry effort that I do will be increasingly shifted overseas. Please read the recent post, “A Sense of Calling”, for details, or read the report from the last trip to the Philippines.

What was not expected by me was a change in relationship. Close friends and Facebook friends know what has changed in the last couple weeks, but some readers of this site may not. I could not have told you about it a month ago because it had not happened. What has happened, however, will change this site a bit and will most definitely change me. I had resolved to move forward as a single person in the mission field. I talked to the Lord about this quite a few times, and I was at peace to be single. My late wife, Linda, was wonderful. That heritage was rich and helped define this ministry. But, there was a surprise in the making, and it was orchestrated by the Holy Spirit.

Faylene Lawson is one of my best friends. I implicitly trust a group of close friends. Most are men, but a few are women. Faylene lost her husband six years ago. Before that, Linda and I were as close to Gene and Faylene’s youngest four children as non-family members could be. Linda and I both loved Faylene and Gene. When Gene died and went to be with the Lord, Linda and I maintained the relationship with Faylene. When Linda died, I maintained the relationship with Faylene. We had extra-ordinary fellowship — as good as the fellowship I share with very few people, but there was no romantic interest.

Through a series of interventions by the Holy Spirit in late April, I knew this was about to dramatically change. By the time I asked Faylene to marry me, she was also confident that the Spirit had spoken to her. We both had peace. After the commitment I found out that I was the “late man at the party”. There were a couple people who knew in advance, but I was thankfully ignorant. When God speaks, especially on important matters such as this, one has to be sure that bias or flesh have not bent faith in a strange direction.  We will be married on June 24, 2017. This will give us opportunity to transition from close friends to husband and wife before we travel to the Philippines in late August for a couple months.

This site will change some over the next few months. My heritage with Linda and Faylene’s heritage with Gene will be given appropriate attention, because both of us loved our respective spouses for many years. However, Faylene and I will also have new things to bring to the table, and that will also be reflected in the site posts and the history that we make together.

If this all comes as a shock to a few, feel free to contact me. The details are quite amazing but thoroughly convincing for each of us. By His grace we will move forward together, and as husband and wife beginning June 24.

Roland Beard

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  1. Jeannie Gentry


    This is so beautiful 💕🙏. God has wonderful plans. I am so so happy for the two of you.

    Buck and Jeannie

  2. Carol Lafferty

    So very happy for you both. Two lives glorifying God together!

  3. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Momma Faylene…oh how marvelous, oh how wonderful!!!

  4. May God bless you both as man and wife in the very near future. So glad to read about how GOD has brought your lives together.

  5. Happy happy happy for you both! I love it when God’s plan comes together.

  6. Myra Gaculais del Rosario

    Lovely, lovely, lovely! See you soon!

  7. So happy for both of you! It’s awesome when the Lord is in the center of every relationship and He is in charge. I love how God orchestrated this thing for both of you. Can’t wait to see you again, Sir Roland with your new wedded wife in August! Blessings!

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