2019 Review and the Road Ahead

We have completed a year-end review and this is the report. There are significant actions and challenges that lie ahead. For followers and readers: we invite you to the link below that you may read the report for yourself. The report is in a PDF original file that you can request that we send to you via email or you can read it here. We thank you for reading. Roland and Faylene Beard

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  1. Roland & Faylene,

    It has been such a pleasure to get to know you both, to share coffee & fellowship, and to partner in the Gospel. The work you do is imperative, because so many of God’s people lack knowledge in the fundamentals of a truly biblical worldview. And, as we know and have heard from Dr. Petry numerous times, when the FOUNDATIONS are destroyed, people will go astray and their faith will be shipwrecked. I commend you for your tireless service and faithful dedication to the cause of Christ. You love sacrificially and it is my prayer this Christmas that God will reward you abundantly with His favor as you move toward next steps in Him. You are loved and you are appreciated. We stand in the gap together for those who are so much less fortunate. God bless you, keep you and make His face to shine upon you!

    • Bob, thanks so much for your comments. Do keep us in prayer. Our year-end report and the projections are just how we see things. We need His wisdom to know the steps to take, and are committed to the course.

  2. Leonard and Suetta Hoover


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