2016-2017 Financial Report and Comments

December 8, 2017

From the president of CHRISTWORKS  to those who support us in many ways:

We recently submitted all of CHRISTWORKS MINISTRIES paperwork for the last fiscal year (August 1, 2016 to July 31, 2017) and have discussed last year’s activities as well as upcoming activities for late this year and 2018. The “we” are the board members for this ministry. If you are not interested in this report or numbers, than feel free to stop here. This is not one of our typical human interest stories or parables of Creation, but it is a matter of accountability among board members, who are close friends, and those friends who support us. The figures a publically available as required by law.

The “nuts and bolts” for the last fiscal year are financial reports, consisting of a standard balance sheet and a profit/loss statement that are based on receipts from activities. They are at the end of this post. We had life events last year (the death of my late wife, Linda, and a marriage to Faylene about 10 months later) that opened the hearts of many friends to assist us with the Philippine project. For this generosity, we are thankful. Those helps funded the last three trips in their entirety and shipped supplies to our friends overseas. While daily expenses overseas are low and IFL has provided quarters, the plane flights, visas, and a few other things make each trip cost approximately $2500-2800 per person. A good percentage is given to needs before we return on each trip. I made one trip alone in early 2017; Faylene and I made one in late summer for almost two months, and we are headed back shortly for another four months. Hence, the CHRISTWORKS current balance is a little less than $5000. This means the generosity that is noted in the balance sheet and profit/loss statements for the last fiscal year funded the last two trips and the one beginning in a day or so. We will not return to the US until late March 2018.  Thank you for your helps.

Many have prayed for us, encouraged us, and stood with us as we have moved forward. Not all the steps have been easy. The constant thing is this: we love our Philippine family and we must return to them.  We (Faylene and me) have curriculum to write, test, and train during the next year or two. We have people young and old we hold dear. We cannot stay away any more than we have to.

In a larger context, our clearly active project is in the Philippines as we continue to seek to be of assistance to the Institute of Foundational Learning. As most of our friends know, Faylene and I believe we are called to be with them, and it will probably be for several years. We are working toward that goal, but selling property and relocating things is not so easy. At this point we have downsized at our Crozet base, sold some adjacent property, sold an Indiana property, and expect to put our house on the market in Spring 2018. 2018 will be very busy from April through July. The aim is to relocate our residence, which will be very small in its new form, and get back to our home in the Philippines. Beyond that, we don’t know.

If you have questions about the reports below, feel free to let us know. While the bulk of the activity is related to the trips overseas, we have also shipped many boxes of supplies and educational things to our friends. We just delivered seven more boxes ($102 per box) that will arrive sometime in late February 2018. Valuable supplies for the school, children, staff, and even some of our personal needs go in those boxes. Many have been blessed by these shipments, and nearly all of them in the last two years were funded by a few friends. Thank you.

So, the last fiscal year was quite a year and this one is shaping up to be the same. We have much work to do and people to love. It is all out of a thankful heart for what God has done with this little ministry. Thank you, again. Please remember us in prayer. We wish to reach thousands with the truth of biblical creation as the context for the Gospel. And, we want to love many with the love of God.

Roland Beard, President

Profit and Loss Statement  and Balance Statement for the last fiscal year follow:


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