Chasing the Light


How much do you want light? Consider the question in view of a natural story: A strong warm front with Gulf Coast moisture moved up the Appalachian chain of mountains in two days. High winds and drought led to incredible fires in the SE mountains, The moisture bands came behind the winds. … Continue reading


Part 2 of the Box Story: More Gifts to Spread


After an initial group of friends packed so many boxes at our home (see Part I of the box story), I discovered more depth and variety in cubby holes, drawers, bins, and shelves in the weeks that followed. The vast majority of things came from Linda’s experiences providing educational helps … Continue reading

Part I of the Box Story–Giving for Needs


With the gracious contributions of Linda’s friends following her death, CHRISTWORKS had sufficient funds in September to send over 20 large boxes (FOREX boxes are 20x23x17 inches) to our friends in the Philippines. Others contributed in October, so the potential box number went up. Volunteers (the picture shows most of them) helped … Continue reading